Why are Some People Successful While Others Aren't? with business building women

Why are Some People Successful While Others Aren't? with business building women


Have you ever looked at someone and wondered why they are succeeding in business while you’re not? Maybe the are in exactly the same field as you. Perhaps they are in the same direct sales company, only they have hundreds of people on their teams and you have none. Maybe they are a photographer that started around the same time as you only their work is being featured in magazines and you feel like yours is barely taking off, despite a similar skill level.

Why are they rocking it while you struggle?

Everyone want to know the secret to success. We buy books, listen to podcasts and watch TED Talks. We all want to believe there is some piece that we are missing and once we stumble across their tightly guarded secrets, we will become as successful as them. The truth is far less glamorous. There is no secret to success. The steps to success are not a mystery. What makes those other people successful is no secret. It is common knowledge that has to be applied.

They are not afraid to fail.

Fear of failure makes you timid. Fear of failure makes you cautious. If you want to be successful YOU WILL FAIL and you will fail many times. Jerry Seinfield froze his first time on stage and was heckled off, he’s now worth $860 million dollars and the most successful comedian to date. Will Smith says, “Failure is a massive part of being able to be successful.”

Failure is where you learn all the lessons. It is only a disaster if you learn nothing from it. Let go of the fear and try things. You will either be successful or you will learn something.

Personal development is key.

No matter what business you are involved in so much of your success comes down to being someone that others want to follow or be like. The key to this is ACTUALLY BEING that person, not pretending. That takes work. You must learn, grow, change, adapt and mature. This requires work and little of it is easy.

Don’t quit before you see the fruit.

Do you ever watch people go from business to business? One day they’re with one company and the next with another? I do. I see it everyday. I see people planting seeds, putting work in and then quitting before they ever see fruit produced. It breaks my heart

Successful people stick with it. It took JK Rowling two years and 12 publishers before Harry Potter was finally published. Did she quit? No. Expecting success to come quickly and with no opposition is unreasonable. You have to put the work in. You have to stay even when you want to quit. You have to do things that no one else will do.

There it is. There’s nothing new here. We’ve all heard these things but have we APPLIED them? You can read all the books, watch the videos and listen to the podcasts but ultimately that alone will not change anything. You have to go to work DOING the things you learn!

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