When was the last time you scrolled through the list of Facebook groups you belong to? If you took a few moments to do that right now I can almost guarantee that you’ll find yourself a part of numerous groups you have no interest in. Almost every single day I am added to groups I didn’t ask to be a part of and certainly didn’t show any interest in. It can feel frustrating.
A common practice taught to many, in direct sales, is to create a group and add every person from your friends list to it. On the surface this can seem like a good idea, the more people that see your sales posts the more sales you will make. However, more often than not this is a mistake.
The misconception is that a large audience filled with any and every type of person will result in the most sales. The truth is that a smaller group of engaged people will always beat a large group of irritated people. Being added to groups you didn’t ask to be a part of leaves people irritated and closed off. Give me a group of 200 people who are interested in my products over a group of 500 people who are annoyed with me any day!
If adding people to groups without permission is not ideal, how do you get people in your groups?

Just Ask

Yes, this is simple but effective. Create some engaging posts that let people know about your new group and the value it can add to their lives. Be sure to include a link to the group in your post so that your network can add themselves.

Offer the group to every customer

Reach out to every customer, new and old, and let them know you have a new group. Make sure they know that there will be incentives, giveaways and/or information in your group that wont be available anywhere else. As you gain new customers make sure that you are continuing to add them to your group (after asking, of course!).

Bait and hook

This is one of my favorite ways to grow a group and it all starts with thinking of your network first. Having a group that adds value to others’ lives is always better than a group where you just post sales. Give something in the group that they aren’t going to get anywhere else. My group is not just a place where I post makeup and prices. I post tutorials, test Pinterest hacks and recreate makeup looks my network chooses for me.
Setting some bait on your personal page is an incredible and authentic way to grow a group. Instead of posting “Join my group for makeup sales!” I post, “Does wearing glasses make applying makeup difficult for you? Want to know the solution? Join my group to find out more!” Once they are a member of my group they will see a post on special makeup brushes for those with impaired vision.
Following these tips will have people chasing you instead of you chasing them! Your group will be one hundred percent filled with people who are interested in what you are doing, want to be there and are open to your messag

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