social media ipas with business building women

social media ipas with business building women

Owning a business means you are never caught up! Am I right? The tasks and to-do lists are a mile long. What should we be doing on a daily basis to grow our business? What things don’t grow our business? How can we FOCUS and not be distracted when there are so many things calling us?

We all strive for organization in our business. We create calendars, memos and schedules as we try to be diligent with our time but sometimes it’s messy. We are overwhelmed, working our buns off to be successful and share our message with the world.

Today I want to chat specifically about how social media can “steal” your time and cause you to be stagnant in your personal and business life. Personally, I know I can hop on Facebook to post a quick status and an hour (or two) later I know what everyone within a ten mile radius is doing, I’ve purchased for an outfit I don’t need and haven’t written a word of the post I hopped on there to write in the first place. Sound familiar?

We grow our businesses on Social Media nowadays. Whether you’re an MLMer, have a storefront or digital product, you can market yourself on social media and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a powerhouse! You have to spend time scrolling and engaging with your customers and prospects to create the following you need for growth.

How can you use social media AND balance the things that have to get done on a daily basis?

The answer is is income producing activities or lets call them IPA’s.

These are daily activities you need to do to grow your business, stay on top of your ever growing to-do list and not get overwhelmed. You know best what IPA’s you need to boost sales in your business but I can guarantee no one has cut a check by aimlessly scrolling Facebook for hours.

Three things Social Media IPA’s are not.

1) Scrolling Instagram or Facebook and not engaging with your audience.
2) Getting into online arguments/drama about things that make no difference in your business.
3) Shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop! But it doesn’t create income for my business, so I don’t do it on my “company time”.

Three things Social Media IPA’s are.

1) Posting regularly on your social media accounts or scheduling posts. However that looks for your brand or how you want people to see you, post accordingly.
2) Engaging with your audience. Examples: commenting on posts that matter to you, sending happy birthdays to connect with people you may not see every day, following up with your customers and team.
3) Share your business, opportunity, product. Be proud of your business and what you are doing to make the world a better place. Don’t shy away from sharing what you are doing. Put your dreams out there and they will become real.

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