Being more authentic on social media with Business Building Women by Kandi Newcomer

Does a quick scroll through Facebook or Instagram leave you wondering what’s wrong with you? You sit in your dirty kitchen, in the same sweats as yesterday with hair that hasn’t been washed yet this week, your kids are already watching tv while eating dry cereal and you wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

Why does everyone else have a perfectly clean home, time for crafts with their kiddos, a business that is striving and the perfect marriage? Why are their lives so together while yours is basically held together by scotch tape and a broken safety pin?

What does your social media look like?

Before you head down the road of, “something is wrong with me” I have to ask…what does your social media look like? Do the photos of you house show your messy kitchen and piles of laundry? Or have you chosen to only show the parts of you home that look perfect? Do you talk about you kid’s latest tantrum over wanting cookies for breakfast or only show photos of their cute faces?

Most likely your profiles and feeds are filled with the very best parts of your life and possibly even parts you have fabricated solely for social media. The real you, the one that’s a beautiful mess, is probably carefully hidden so that you can fit in the aesthetics of Instagram.

Why are you comparing your REAL life to someone else’s highlight reel?

If you are hiding the messy parts of your life it’s safe to say others are too. Social media is the highlight reel. It the place where we post the best parts of our lives but it is rarely where we go to be authentic.

While you are looking at someone else’s pictures/posts and wondering what is wrong with your life, chances are someone else is doing the exact same thing while looking at yours. We have created an culture that values perfection over authenticity.

What would happen if you got on and shared your REAL life? What would it look like if you were authentically you?

Your life is beautiful! Own it!

The messy parts of your life shouldn’t be hidden. In fact it is often the imperfections that make life so beautiful. Sharing your authentic self is not only freeing but gives other women the courage to do the same. A single post on your piles of laundry and the lack of motivation to tackle them could help another woman out there know she is not alone.

You can sit around and wish Instagram of Facebook were different. You can hope that someday people start being more real. OR you can can change things. Our culture wont change until the people do and you are a huge part of that.

Take a moment to stop the comparisons and share an authentic post from your real life. Share the highs and lows, the good and the bad. Make your little corner of the internet a better place. We will all thank you for it!

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