We ABSOLUTELY love featuring family focused mamas on Business Building Women. As that is how we run our lives, family first. Katie definitely credits her success to the cheerleaders in her life, her husband and 5 daughters.

She purchased this salon sight unseen and has managed to make it a success and is planning on taking on a second location for Kid’s Castle Cuts.

Read this feature and be inspired by her hard work and dedication. We appreciate her words of encouragement and we cheers {with a diet coke, of course} to continued success in her life.

You can find her on Facebook or at their website

If you’re in Portland, Oregon– Be sure to stop in and make an appointment.

Tell us about yourself.

I was raised in Portland, Oregon, married young, and moved to Utah while my husband finished his bachelor’s degree at BYU. While in Utah, we added two daughters to our family. After graduation we relocated to Madison where we’d spend the next five and a half years and add three more daughters to our family. Yes, I’m a mom to FIVE daughters. While in Madison, I pursued my cosmetology license and then worked in a salon for a few years. I’m a wife, mom, and salon owner. I’m also a lover of Diet Coke, Netflix, weightlifting, and the outdoors. To say my life is busy is an understatement.


How did you get into your business?

I own a children’s salon, Kid’s Castle Cuts, which I purchased pretty recently. The salon has had a couple previous owners and was well established, which is a plus. My family and I were living in Madison. I was taking a break from doing hair and focusing on my family while my husband worked as a  financial analyst at a large company. We missed living near family, and wanted our girls to have strong relationships with their extended family. It took a while, but we looked for opportunities to move back West and found this salon that was for sale. I started making plans for what I wanted to do with the salon right away. It was a great fit for our family and things really fell into place. Westward Ho!


What has been your biggest challenge?

I had worked previously while having kids, but never full time and never as a business owner. Currently, adjusting to the new schedule and demands of being a small business owner AND a mom is challenging. I don’t spend nearly as much time with my children as I used to, and it’s easy to beat myself up over that. Learning to embrace this new role and be okay with not being with my kiddos all the time has been challenging. I’m still working on it.


What do you wish you’d known when you started?

Boy, do I have quite the laundry list. The last few months of getting the salon running with all of the changes I made has been quite the journey. I wish I had known exactly the situation I was getting into. While I had tax and financial documents for the last three years and stalked every review and photo I could find, I didn’t physically SEE the salon until after I had signed the closing documents. Things weren’t as I had expected, and the transition definitely didn’t go the way I planned. Not that it would have changed anything I did, but maybe I would have been better prepared, especially mentally, if I knew exactly what I was getting into.


If you could narrow your success down to one thing, what would it be?

Family. I’m pretty type-A and love to plan, organize, and learn, but when that fails me, I have my tall drink of water of a husband and five little girls in my corner cheering me on, reminding me this is something I CAN do. They’re my biggest cheerleaders and none of this would be possible without their support.


Where do you see yourself in a year?

In a year I’ll be opening my second Kid’s Castle Cuts location. I’m already making plans for that one!


What are your top three tips for women starting a business?

  1. Learn all you can. Reach out to experts in the area you want to get into. Ask questions and make connections. Read. Soak it all up and then personalize everything you learn to you and  your business.
  2. Be confident. You are amazing and you CAN do this!
  3. Be patient and kind. It’s so easy to see exactly how we want our businesses to look in one, five, ten, or twenty years. It can get discouraging when your business isn’t where your vision is. It takes time for the business to grow and reach those points. Celebrate the little victories as they come, and enjoy the journey!

What is a typical day for you like?

Honestly, no two days look the same, and with school starting for a couple of my kiddos, I’m sure my days are going to be changing even more. Usually I wake up around 7, although I’d like to make that earlier. I grab my cold morning can of motivation (Diet Coke) and snuggle with my kids on the couch while I wake up properly. I ask them how they slept, dreams they had, and plans for the day. After the snuggle sesh, I get ready: hair, make-up, and a quick personal scripture/journal time. After I organize what I’ll need for the day (lunch, salon supplies, that sort of thing), we read scriptures as a family and have family prayer before I take off for the salon. I listen to audiobooks on my commute. I’m currently on the fifth Harry Potter book.

At the salon I take clients, place inventory orders, plan future events, and check different financial reports. At the end of the work day, I dive back into Harry Potter and use that commute time to decompress so when I get home I can step right into “mom mode”. I immediately put on my favorite comfy pants, eat dinner, and hang out with the girls before they go to bed. After they’re in bed I either finish working on salon things (events, payroll, work on the website…), use Marco Polo to keep up with my Midwest gal pals, catch up on housework, or dive into the next episode of whatever my husband and I are watching on Netflix. I’d love to add gym time into my routine when the one I’m signed up for opens next month.

On my off days, I catch up on cleaning and try to spend as much time as possible with my kids. I usually take a couple of them to the salon first thing in the morning to restock towels and combs, and open the till and computer system. I love being able to include my girls in the business. After the salon is taken care of, we rush home to plan the rest of our day. We’ve filled our summer days with swimming at the neighborhood pool, playing at parks, picking blackberries, and hiking.


What’s your business motto or quote you live by?

I’m so excited about this. Our family has a tradition where my husband and I pick a theme for our family to focus on for the school year. On the first day of school we have a big feast where we announce the theme. Last year our theme was “Have courage, and be kind”. The Loveland Family Theme for the 2018-2019 school year comes from a scripture in the Book of Mormon: “And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.” (2 Nephi 5:27)

This year we’re going to focus on “living after the manner of happiness”. After we reveal our theme, we’re going to spend the next few weeks learning and discussing as a family what happiness means for OUR family. It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking, “I’ll be happy when…”, but it’s so important to find and choose happiness in the current circumstances. It’s definitely something I can improve on.


If you were starting your business over again, what would you do differently?

I would have more confidence and be more assertive, especially when negotiating business deals and decisions. The boss role is new for me, but I totally got this. (And you do, too!) It’s been a fun, crazy ride.

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