Facebook is hands down one of the biggest tools available to those of us in the direct sales market. I do the majority of my business on there and have learned a few things along the way that I would like to share with you.  These tips very specifically apply to direct sales however they can also be used for traditional businesses as well.

1. Use Your Personal Facebook Account.

There are many arguments that can be made as to whether it is better to start a business page or to do your promoting on your personal profile. I have both and find my personal profile a far more successful platform than my business page.

Your personal profile already has a built in audience of people interested in who you are and what you are doing!! You will find higher rates of interaction on your personal page. Of course there are issues of privacy but those are easily solved using lists. Just make sure to post more than your business on there. Share pictures of your family, your thoughts on life, photos of your pets and basically everything else you would normally post on your personal page. 

2. Build Your Network.

You can have an incredible product, amazing prices, produce solid content and present engaging Lives but if no one sees them, it doesn’t do you any good! Every day you should be working towards building your network with people who are interested in your products and within the correct demographic.

Never add random people! Every person you friend should be a potential customer.  The best tool at your disposal is the search bar. This feature is often overlooked and under used. You can detail a search so that it finds only people who are ideal customers for you. You can search things like “friends of friends who love makeup” or “friends of friends who are interested in losing weight”. The search feature will then only pull up people who meet that criteria. You can even make it MORE SPECIFIC such as “friends of friends who live in Lebanon, Oregon who like to workout”.

A reasonable goal to set is adding five new friends each day. At the end of the month you will have 150 new friends who are interested in what you are doing!

3. Research and Understand Facebook Algorithms

Not many people know what Facebook algorithms are and even fewer people understand how to make them work for you. Facebook algorithms decide who sees your posts and whose posts you see. With thousands of friends on Facebook I can’t see everything that everybody posts, so Facebook uses their algorithms to decide whose posts I would like to see the most and shows those to me first.

When we understand how these algorithms work we can use it to our own advantage. I wont go into a lot of detail on this. If you are on my team we can do some one on one training. But the general idea is, the more interaction your posts receive the better you rank on Facebook. This is why unique, high quality content is important. 

4. Create Unique, High Quality Content

Content matters!!! Here are some general guideline to follow:

  • You should always remember to be a real person and not a direct sales bot. This means posting about more than your business.
  •  Your content should be unique to you! Your customers don’t want to see a copied and pasted post. They want your unique view on the products. They want to know why you love it, why you buy it and see your befores and afters!
  • Split your content into three sections and make sure their is balance between all three.
    Personal: Posting about your personal life. This can include pictures of your family, deals you scored, new clothes you’ve purchased or personal achievements.
    -Enrichment: Share content that provides value to your audience. Share encouraging posts, something funny you saw or recipes you want to try.
    -Business: Share product reviews, Live videos using the products, befores and afters, etc. 

5. Use Attraction Marketing

This is one of the most important aspects of direct sales. With attraction marketing the customers come to you! Gone are the days of cold messaging, begging people to join and bribing customers with free products. Instead of shoving sales pitches down people’s throats you simply share you genuine love of the products. You share how the products are changing your life and the lives of your other customers. Show how your business is making new things possible for you. You let customers come to you and ask you questions and believe me they do!!!

6. Stop Selling! Start having Conversations!

I used to feel like I had to give a sales pitch every time some one asked a simple question.

The Wrong Way!

Customer: Is your mascara water proof?
Me: No but it is water resistant! Its such an incredible product and has all the benefits of fiber lashes in only one step. It’s one of my very favorite products and I can’t believe I went so long without using it. I could never use another mascara again!!! Its a steal at $20 and shipping is so affordable. Can I order one for you?

Uhg word vomit. I was so guilty of doing this. Attraction marketing has taught me to leave customers wanting more and to be genuinely interested in what they have to say. I take sales out of the equation! Conversations now days go a lot differently.

The Right Way!

Customer: Is your mascara water proof?
Me: It is not. It is water resistant though and holds up well to sweat and heat. What mascara are you currently using?
Customer: I use *****
Me: Why are you looking to make a change?
Customer: It keeps flaking and at the end of the day my face is covered in in black flakes!
Me: That’s the worst! I totally understand! Before I started using LimeLife’s mascara I would look like a raccoon by the end of the day lol. Thank goodness I haven’t had that issue since I switched! No ones got time for that 🙂
Customer: LOL so true! So how much is the mascara?
Me: Only $20! Crazy isn’t it? I was paying so much more before.
Customer: Wow $20 isn’t bad but I hate paying shipping on such small orders.
Me: Me too! At only $2.99 our shipping is very reasonable but I am still the kind of person who adds a couple things on to my order like an eyeliner pen or lipstick just to make it worth the shipping.
Customer: What kind of eyeliner pens do you have?

Now I have engaged with my potential customer. I’ve finally started to build a relationship and provided the opportunity to talk about more than just mascara. Stop selling!

Stay tuned for Facebook 102: Coming soon!

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