“Say goodbye to acne for good!”

“Want to replace every medication in your bathroom with just one pill?!?”

“What if you could lose weight while watching tv and eating chips?”

What do all these quotes have in common? They are actual posts I pulled from Facebook, each came from someone representing a well known direct sales company and they are simply not true.

No skin care treatment can make acne permanently disappear for good. There are amazing systems that will clear your skin up but hormonal acne and occasional flare ups will still happen, even with expensive treatments from a dermatologist.

Every medication? Really? Even heart medications, anti-rejection medications for transplant patients, hormone regulators and steroids? I think not.

There are many different ideas, plans, diets, studies and thought processes on weight loss. However, I think everyone can agree that weight loss will not happen if you don’t make some sort of modifications to the food you eat and amount of physical activity you perform.

Why do representatives for direct sales companies make such extreme and false claims? They want to make sales. In a market that is over-saturated with people selling products, its easy to feel like extreme claims are necessary to grab your networks attention. However, it does not work in a way that creates a sustainable and solid business.

Over-hyping products may gain you customers, but they wont be repeat customers. These crazy claims may work in obtaining you new customers but it certainly wont help you keep them. Once they try the products and learn they don’t live up to the promises made, they will never purchase them again. Not only will they not purchase them again but they will probably tell their friends not too as well.

Over-hyping products will leave customers who would normally be happy with the results, unsatisfied. A potential customer comes to you with terrible cystic acne. You tell them all about your amazing acne system and promise they will never have acne again. Your system works amazingly! Their face is significantly better and they are left with just a few breakouts in their troubled areas. Normally, this customer would be over the moon! However, they were promised they would never have acne again. Now instead of telling everyone how great your products are, they are disappointing to still have acne.

Set realistic expectations. Your products are great. You wouldn’t be with your company if they weren’t. Be up front and honest with your customers. Tell them what they can realistically expect to see. Happy customers equal return customers!

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