Our inbox is filled with questions that center around one thing: Facebook Lives. Lives are an amazing resource for business but can be extremely intimidating and overwhelming. We wanted to take a few moments and give you ten of our best tips for overcoming jitters, boosting algorithms and connecting with your audience.

1. Know what you want to talk about.

How many times have you watched a Live only to sit through a lot of awkward silences? This often happens because people think they will just get on Live and chat. The “chatting” option is great if you are experienced but if you are new to Lives it will leave you trying to find something to say while a bunch of people watch.

Go into your Lives with a game plan. Know what you want to talk about.

2. Outline your talking points.

One of the best ways to avoid the awkward silences is to have a piece of paper with your talking points in front of you. That way if you get nervous or lose your train of thought you can look down and pick up where you need to.

While outlining your talking points is fantastic you should never write out what you want to say. Lives are a place where people want to connect with YOU. They do not want to watch you read from a script.

3. Know when to go Live.

Every business owner should know the ideal time for them to go Live. The fantastic thing about having a business page is that Facebook will actually tell us when most of our network is active!

To find a report of when your audience in active, do this:
1. Go to Insights
2. Select “Posts” from the left hand bar
3. Choose ‘When Your Fans Are Online” from bar at the top

From this chart you can figure out the time when most of your page followers are online. While this information is helpful, don’t let it become a hindrance. Going Live at a less than optimal time is still better than not going Live at all! Be realistic about your schedule and when it actually feasible for you to go Live.

4. Be Consistent!

The success and failure of your Lives will not be determined by one video, it will be determined by your consistency. Make going Live a part of your weekly schedule. Do it at a set day and time so that your network starts to make it a part of their schedule too! If they know you go Live every Tuesday at 8:00 they will actually LOOK for your lives on Tuesday evenings.

We recommend going Live at least once per week at a set time. Going Live more often is of course better. And spontaneous Lives are fantastic as long as they are used in addition scheduled Lives.

5. Announce your Lives ahead of time.

Not every person who follows your page gets notifications when you post or go Live. Letting your network know ahead of time when you will going Live and what you will be talking about, will help build anticipation! It’s also gives them a place to ask questions ahead of time that you can include in your Live.

6. Ask a friend to hop on and watch.

The biggest excuse, we hear consistently, for not going live is fear. We get it! Its scary to think about being shown Live, talking to a bunch of people you don’t know in real life. You worry about how many people are watching, making mistakes, talking in front of strangers or even asking questions and no one answers!

The first tip we offer to anyone wanting to go Live is to ask a friend of family member to hop on and watch. Let someone you’re very comfortable with know when you will be on and then TALK TO THEM! Forget about all the other people for a moment and pretend you are having a conversation with your friend.

It’s a perfect way to get over the jitters and be sure that someone will be interacting with you. After a few Lives you will gain some confidence and not need this but in the beginning its a great help!

7. Ask your viewers to share your video.

Having your video shared multiple times is a sure way to increase your standing with the Facebook algorithms. Ideally we would love everyone to share our videos but that is just not realistic. However, you will be surprised how many people will, if you just ask them to!

This is something we need to remember to do as well!

8. Ask for a replay comment

The very first thing we do in every single one of our Lives is ask our replay viewers to comment replay. Why do we do this? It’s twofold. First, we want the opportunity to thank them for watching. Any person who takes time out of their day to listen to what we have to say is amazing! We want to thank them and this gives us an opportunity to do so. Second, it helps with algorithms.

Every single comment you receive on your Live, boosts your algorithm. You want the comments to continue long after you Live has ended. This is an easy way to ensure more comments and allow yourself the opportunity to interact with more viewers.

9. Spread out your responses.

As time goes on, after your Live is recorded, your video starts to slip down lower in people’s newsfeeds. This means they are less likely to see your video. However, each comment on your video tells Facebook that people are still interested in what you have to say and they bring your video back up to the top of the newsfeeds.

There are times when “being on top of things” can actually hurt us and responses is one of those things. If you wake up in the morning and you received 10 replay comments on your last Live, you would probably want to take 10 minutes and reply to all of them first thing. This would be a mistake! Doing all your responses at one time means Facebook only bumps your video to the top in the morning. You’ve wasted an opportunity!

If you were to respond to some comments at 8:00 and some at 3:00 and then again some more at 7:00; it would mean that video was consistently being bumped to the top of the newsfeeds throughout the day. Be strategic in your responses.

10. Stop letting fear control you.

If fear is the reason you are not going Live on Facebook and you continue to let it control you, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AFRAID! We have a tendency to think that we must first conquer fear and then we will be able to do the things that are scary. But how do you conquer fear? BY DOING!

The only way you will get over your fear of going Live is by GOING LIVE! So just do it! And then keep doing it consistently until its no longer scary. You’ve got this!

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Posted by Business Building Women on Monday, November 19, 2018

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